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If you have visited our site, most likely you have found yourself or may find yourself in a delicate, or somewhat unpleasant situation, so as not to torment yourself with guesses, speculations, doubts, not to waste your precious time, it is better to turn to a professional in time.

The possession of information at the present time is of great importance, but the main thing is to be qualified, as well as to obtain it promptly, which is what our private detectives are successfully doing. Detective agency professionals are present in all regional cities of Ukraine.

Private Detective Ukraine
Do you have doubts? Refer to «Detective-PIC» - we 's get you the information you need!

Make the right decision and understanding of events is possible only if the knowledge provided and verified information to our detective agency. Against you committed a crime? – Find out who. You suspect that the loved one is hiding something from you? – Find out that. Are you sure in your business partner? – Check its reliability. Unfortunately, the police do not have time to decide and to answer these questions, and many others that you may have. Then to you for help may come a private detective. All services detective (detective services Odessa) our detective agency, we provide paying attention to the moral and ethical standards, of course, without departing from the scope of the legislation of Ukraine.

Information - the key to everything. You must know the strengths of your enemies, and see which friends you do not friend.
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Professional service from a professional detective agency!

In debt private detective profession have to work with people and information – detectives of our agency are professionals in this aspect, because the main task of a private detective is the ability to carry out the collection, analysis and link different data to each other. To solve this problem, our detectives are able to work with very different sources of information, such may be the media (the media), various documents, informed people, the Internet, various databases both closed and open, and to know the laws of Ukraine.

Many private investigators choose their specialization and one run on the line, someone is working on matters related to economic affairs, others – in civil processes. Our private detective agency «Detective-PIP» and his private detectives all – former law enforcement officers – therefore the range of services we have different. For example, when it became fashionable to get acquainted through the Internet dating sites, to private detectives began to seek prudent foreigners who want to learn more about their future brides from Ukraine and the former CIS.

Professional - is the one who can do their job at the highest level, even if you do not want to do it right now.
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Useful services of private detective Ukraine
Useful services of private detective «Detective-CHIK»
«Detective-CHIK» is confidentiality and problem solving!

All of our private detective agency «Detective-CHIK» in all the cities (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and others.) – former employees of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. We have established ourselves as the best detective agency in Ukraine. Tasks perform any level of complexity, and our employees solve them quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Remember: an appeal to a professional private detective – the key to a competent, prompt and effective solution to your problem!

A private detective is no longer a new profession in Ukraine, although some with a specific type of activity and services. Private Detective – this type of activity in Ukraine and especially in large cities such as Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa and others becoming more vostrebovotelnym, and this is not surprising, because most of the services that do not fall within the competence of law enforcement agencies, which provides a private detective. Namely, the private detective services include: checking childrens lifestyle, geneological tree, confirmation or refutation of the fact of adultery, carrying out test purchases «secret shopper», as well as other services of a private investigator, who did not contradict the legislation of Ukraine and are related to private detective activity.

Our customers have to choose between security and privacy of data. We can and should give them both equally. We believe that people have a right to privacy.
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As our private detectives is considered one the most important advantage of a special relationship to the client as a private detective «Detective-CHIK» values its reputation and reputation. Therefore, the private detective agency «Detective-CHIK» main factors are the maximum privacy and the tasks set by the client. The client can be sure that the information that has become known in the course of the investigation, under any circumstances become known to third parties.


Private detectives working throughout Ukraine. You can move to all the cities that offer their services to private detectives in Ukraine.

The search (investigative), as well as other activities of our private detective can be carried out both in Ukraine and abroad.