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Fraud on the Internet

Please rate this page Fraud on the Internet Fraud on the Internet today, one of the most common types of fraud after the population of front companies and fake goods. It brings to its founders fabulous profits. And all because of the dishonest conduct business in the network can be not only profitable, but also […]


Security services with real estate

Please rate this page Security services with real estate   You decide to buy immovable property and want to protect themselves from the risks of a property? We can provide you with the security of real estate transactions! Such audits are carried out and real estate companies, however, the results of which they represent, can […]


Polygraph test

Please rate this page   How does the polygraph: Modern “lie detector” can simultaneously shoot and record up to 10 indicators of organism. Starting with the classic measurement of pulse and pressure, and ending with measurement of skin-galvanic reaction and change in voice. This device automatically analyzes these indicators and signals of change of polygraph […]


Employees polygraph test

Please rate this page Employees polygraph test Polygraph examination services for legal enterprises. Your attention provided a full range of services, conducted with the help of a polygraph (lie detector) for organizations and enterprises. Testing and analysis of the audit is conducted individual and professional polygraph examiner. Staffing a polygraph examination to recruit staff: True […]


Polygraph test questions

Please rate this page Polygraph lie detector test – Services for individuals Your attention provided a list of services for inspections of a private nature. Testing for individuals, such as family selection of personnel problems of a personal nature. With polygraph examinations we will help answer many important questions for you: Does changing my wife? […]

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Infidelity on the Internet

Please rate this page Infidelity on the Internet Check for treason on the Internet: It is also the responsibility of our detective agency – resolution of family issues. We are ready to show you the truth and open your eyes to some things. If your significant other is with you playing a double game and […]

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Protecting children

Protecting children5 (100%) 1 vote[s] Protecting children Are you concerned about the strange behavior of your child? He/she suddenly has got other interests and he/she ceased to communicate with you? Children`s  behavior causes you some solid questions to which they do not give you any answers?   And you do not know what’s going on […]