Royalties of the detective


Honorarium policy of the Detective agency “Detective-PIC”:


  1. The detective is entitled to receive royalties due to him as a reward for the work performed, as well as reimbursement of costs incurred and expenses.
  2. The condition of the fee detective should not call into question the independence of the detective.
  3. When determining the remuneration detective considers the essence and complexity of the case; the expected duration of the work; the importance of the interests involved; the expected principal advantages and benefits; the position of the principal.
  4. Detective prohibited to enter into an agreement about the fee: in which the interest payment is made dependent on the end of the case in favor of the principal; on the part of the property awarded ..
  5. Detective prohibited to share the fee, in particular, under the guise of the division of responsibilities, with individuals who are not detectives.
  6. Detective prohibited from taking from the principal any property to secure agreement on the fee.
  7. Detective can only receive fees from the principal or his authorized representative.