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Knocking out of debt

Please rate this page Knocking out of debt   Question: Do you knock out debt?   Answer: Knocking out debt deal OCG (organized criminal groups). Our detective agency “Detectiv-PIC” searches for debtors and their property, as well as assisting to recover the debt. Of course, in the services of a detective agency and include direct […]


Watching for son

Please rate this page Watching  for son Question: On duty or on vacation my husband and I go abroad. But our son is with his grandmother in the Ukraine or relatives. We would like to know about his way of life as much as possible, can you help?   Answer: In this case, we offer […]


My husband is threatened

Please rate this page Question: My husband is threatened. Help! Answer: Our specialist will gather information about the people threatening your husband, check the seriousness of their statements. The data obtained will provide you. In the presence of a crime detective agency connects to the case law enforcement authorities competent in solving your problem.


Stolen documents, what to do?

Please rate this page Stolen documents, what to do? Question: stolen important documents. Help me to find! Answer: The detective, as well as the agency, is engaged in theft, including personal property. If there is sufficient background information for detective services- we will investigate and try to help you.


Check before buying an apartment

Please rate this page Check before buying an apartment Question: We buy an apartment. It is necessary to check its purity? Answer: Check with the purchase of flats – common private detective service. Accommodation checked by BTI conducted a survey of neighbors, it turns out the sales rate, crime. The outcome of the compiled file, […]


Search for people in the internet

Please rate this page Search for people in the internet Question: Is it possible to find someone on the internet? Answer: The private detective is often asked to find a man in the web of the Internet. Using his skills and achievements, as well as professionals in this case we provide such detective services. It […]


Search for stolen vehicles

Please rate this page Search for stolen vehicles Question: Whether you are engaged in tracing stolen cars?   Answer: No! Our private detectives do not provide services to search for any means of transport, since we do not enter the customer into thinking it is business prospects, and in this case a positive result is […]


Why do not you take my order?

Please rate this page Question: Why do not you take my order? Answer: Most likely you have not been in possession of sufficient data to get started, or you do not know what you need, do not want to leave your position or are not prepared to pay the bill of the Agency “Detective-PIC”. Either […]