Detective work

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Detective work

Acquaint with the principles of working Detective agency “Detective-PIC”:


– A private detective never transmit or disclose the information to third parties

– You will always be able to get acquainted with the real prospects of the case, we do not introduce their clients misled

– A private detective is not working with clients who refuse to leave their data connection

– Private detective does not operate on a “pay for results”

– A private detective is not cooperating with fortune tellers, psychics and similar people, as we confess truly professional approach

– A private detective is not taken for the implementation of the detective order which is contrary to criminal law

– Private detective carries private investigation against members of the executive and the judiciary

– A private detective could not appear in court as a witness on the results of its investigation of a detective. As conclusive person it is real only for customers

– A private detective is not engaged in quarrelsome neighbors and pets

– Private detective does not compromise intentionally nobody and noone under whom “do not insert”

– A private detective is not engaged in opening the apartments, hotel rooms, etc..

– Private detective does not sell “bugs”, hidden cameras and install them in rooms

– A private detective is not working with clients whose goals are unclear or in doubt

– A private detective did not finish or remodel work begun by other firms and private investigators.