Search of debtors

Detective Agency “Detective-PIK” is a structure focused on helping organizations and individuals in the recovery of debts in the territory of Ukraine. With enough practice in this area, our detectives represent the interests of the client at all stages and levels of economic relations, constantly improving the quality of its activities.

Our success is linked not only with the high professionalism of our investigators, and using the most advanced methods of work, as well as uncompromised confidentiality in their work.

Due to the unstable economic situation in the country, the fraudsters often appear in business relationships, regardless of whether it is a private person or any – that a large company. In order to extricate itself from the many problems it is necessary to issue the required documents, receipts, bills, etc., That later, if you have any complaints, it was possible to confirm the authenticity of your words. Fraud in the majority of cases detected in the non-payment of debts. In order not to return the debt fraudsters change their place of residence, in other cases, change their names, and others.

In such cases, it is best to contact the private detective agency. A private detective can help in such situations, without litigation. It can help maintain the prestige of the company and not lose regular customers. When searching for debtors, all data secret. Debtors seeking detectives who have relevant experience in this field.

If the debtor refuses to pay the debt, the detective agency “Detective-PIK” will acquaint you with the results of the search of the debtor. All data are legitimate and may be subsequently submitted to the court. All work on the search and recovery of debtors are conducted efficiently, accurately and in stages.

In order to help you deal with issues in the field of fraud and abuse, we offer a wide range of services:

  • Internal investigations
  • The investigation of fraud with the financial statements
  • Evaluation of the internal security system’s ability to effectively confront fraud and abuse
  • Assessment of risk of fraud and abuse of companies
  • Checking counterparties suspicious or suspicious business

Before contact for this service, it is advisable to answer the following questions:

  1. Is there a documented debt?
  2. Is there any raw data on the person’s name, address, residence, the last place of work?
  3. Are you ready to pay for the services and costs of a detective in search of?
  4. For any scheme you prefer to work with a detective? (Payment of 50% and full payment upon successful tracing or the payment of costs and the premium for the successful detective search)
  5. What will you do then?

As the saying goes: “If you want to make enemies of the people around you, give them a loan.” In addition to the enemies, you will receive in addition a lot of action with all its consequences – a long and tedious search for debtors, quarrels, scandals, etc. But if such trouble occurred, some of your problems a private detective be able to assume, at least, to search for.. your debtors, and that’s half the battle. Unfortunately, in our lives do not always occur only positive and pleasant experiences, good friends often quarrel, reliable business partners fail, love each other divorced spouse, proven people become debtors, which must be sought. Many such situations are common and daily occurrence in our world.

Sometimes people who take the money and do not want to return them, hide behind the fact that do not have the financial resources or other opportunities for debt repayment. Then a private investigator will search for hidden assets and bank accounts of the debtor. Often, not only outsiders, but also fathers are trying to get away from their regular duties for the maintenance of children.

It should be noted that the work in this field requires experience and skill. The same list of debtors – it is not quite easy. Even the police do not always cope with such tasks. Often there is a case of searching for debtors, require more complex, thoughtful and cautious approach. Search debtor physical persons is much easier than searching for debtors fraud. Private Investigators will take a lot of time and effort to achieve a positive result, as fraudsters often use countermeasures and always cover up a trail, since they initially plan their operations so that they had not been found. Accordingly, the client will have to spend more of their own financial resources, and the private investigator effort and time.

In general, it should be noted that the search for debtors – responsible and dangerous job. Entrust the work of private detective agency “Detective-PIK”, which quickly and efficiently perform any lawful requirement of the client to find debtors.

You can hold a free online consultation in our chat on the search query of debtors, swindlers, fugitives, or by calling us at the contact numbers. Privacy guaranteed!